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Biotech Solutions

With our cutting-edge technology, we’re determined to enhance the safety and efficacy of therapeutic agents for the management of neuropsychiatry and pain conditions.

We’re on a mission to improve patient outcomes and quality of life

By employing cutting-edge delivery technologies with therapeutics that can be used across the mental health treatment spectrum, we aim to provide the safe and effective delivery of psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines.

Our Vision

We believe psychedelics are the next major breakthrough in mental health treatment, but healthcare providers need safer, more controlled ways to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Our Technology

Psycheceutical’s patented NeuroDirect™ non-systemic delivery technology is designed to deliver neuro-active compounds directly into the nerve tissue via topical application at the back of the neck.
This delivery system is intended to enable immediate and sustained delivery, safe dosage control, and consistent results–while avoiding the GI tract and any unwanted side effects and toxicity.

Our Team

Led by world-class neurosurgeons, our multidisciplinary team incorporates clinical and basic neurosciences to revolutionize our understanding and ability to treat a variety of neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions.

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