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Psycheceutical Bioscience, Inc. Announces Medical Advisory Board

To be led by accomplished Neurosurgeon Dr. Julian Bailes, the Medical Advisory Board will support the Company in developing breakthrough psychedelic medicine technologies for mental health treatments

MIAMI, Oct. 18, 2022 — Psycheceutical Bioscience, Inc. (“Psycheceutical” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: BWVI), a bioscience company dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies for the next generation of mental health treatments, has announced the formation of The Psycheceutical Bioscience Medical Advisory Board.

Psycheceutical’s Medical Advisory Board is comprised of highly-respected healthcare providers with exceptional experience in advancing their respective fields of medicine. They are expected to be integral in helping to guide the research and development efforts related to Psycheceutical’s next-generation psychedelic dosing technology, which is being developed to provide safer, more effective therapeutics. The Psycheceutical Bioscience Medical Advisory Board’s first focus will be to support the Company’s efforts to bring its innovative drug delivery technologies to market.

“Psycheceutical is at the forefront of innovation for the pharmaceutical adaptation of psychedelics, and I am proud to lead a board of well-respected and knowledgeable healthcare providers in helping Psycheceutical achieve its goal of continuously improving pharmaceutical delivery technologies and therapies for psychedelic medicine,” said Dr. Julian Bailes, Principal Medical Advisor of Psycheceutical. “I am excited to work with Psycheceutical in its efforts to bring the best pharmaceutical technology to the psychedelic and mental health spaces.”

The initial members of Psycheceutical’s newly formed Medical Advisory Board are:

Julian E. Bailes, MD 

Dr. Bailes is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery, Co-Director of the Neurological Institute at NorthShore University Health System, and Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. 

Dr. Bailes is a recognized leader in the field of neurosurgery and the impact of brain injury on brain function. He’s been instrumental in the understanding of the clinical evidence of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). His research interests include traumatic brain injury, and his research laboratory focuses on mechanisms of injury and pharmacological therapies. He was portrayed by the actor Alec Baldwin in the movie Concussion, which referenced his groundbreaking work with TBI, PTSD, and CTE. 

Dr. Bailes will apply his unique knowledge base to the specific targeting of brain conditions with psychedelic medicines. 

Thomas H. Cabell, MD 

Dr. Cabell is an American Board of Internal Medicine-certified cardiologist with the Centennial Heart Group at StoneCrest Medical Center, where he focuses on the importance of emotional/mental health as it relates to physical health and disease.

Following his own life-changing experience with psychedelic medicine, Dr. Cabell became passionate about increasing the safety and access to these healing compounds for as many people as possible. Dr. Cabell brings more than 20 years of invaluable cardiology and medical expertise to the Psycheceutical team. 

Tony L. Strickland M.S., Ph.D., FNAN 

Dr. Strickland is the founder and CEO of Nexus Clinical Solutions and the Center for Postconcussion Syndrome and PTSD Treatment. He is a board-certified neuropsychologist and a retired Associate Clinical Professor of Neurology at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. 

Dr. Strickland established the Center for Postconcussion Syndrome and PTSD Treatment to provide state-of-the-art treatment and prevention services to athletes, military populations, and others with brain injuries. His deep dedication to alleviating suffering led him to explore the power and promise of psychedelic medicine. 

The Medical Advisory Board will function as a broadly knowledgeable and objective group of medical experts who report periodically to Psycheceutical’s executive team on matters relating to the Company’s initiatives. This includes identifying and discussing significant emerging medical, science, and technology trends, and monitoring the progress of Psycheceutical’s drug development pipeline.

“It is an honor and privilege for Psycheceutical to form our Medical Advisory Board with such esteemed experts as Dr. Bailes, Dr. Cabell, and Dr. Strickland. We look forward to benefiting from their deep experience and professional guidance,” said Chad Harman, CEO of Psycheceutical.

About Psycheceutical Bioscience, Inc.

Psycheceutical Bioscience, Inc. (OTC: BWVI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary Psycheceutical, Inc., is seeking to develop cutting-edge delivery technologies to support safe and effective delivery of psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines. Powered by a management and advisory team with more than 100 years combined experience in development, regulatory approval processes, and commercialization across the pharmaceutical industry, Psycheceutical is on a mission to develop, improve, and commercialize cutting-edge delivery technologies that can be used across the mental health treatment spectrum while providing safe and effective delivery of psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines. Learn more at

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