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Next-Gen Delivery Technologies for Widespread Use of Lifesaving Psychedelics

The Advantages of Psycheceutical™ Delivery Technology

What is a Psycheceutical™ Drug Delivery System?

Our technology can deliver psychedelic compounds across the blood-brain-barrier while bypassing the GI tract and liver, eliminating hallucinogenic effects and vastly reducing exposure to drug toxicities and side effects.

This long-awaited precision dosing technology allows for high bioavailability of compounds to target cells, increased cellular uptake, and immediate and sustained symptom relief.

Next-Generation Psycheceutical™ Delivery Technologies

Psycheceutical’s patents are for two distinct delivery technologies for more effective drug dosing

Systemic Delivery Solution With Janus Particles

Non-Systemic NeuroDirect™ Delivery Technology

Systematic Delivery Solution With Janus Particles

Psycheceutical’s breakthrough systematic delivery system uses extremely small multi-layered compounds, called Janus particles, to deliver targeted doses of any psychedelic compound directly through the blood-brain barrier, bypassing the liver and reducing toxicity and side effects.

This patented manufacturing process was established following groundbreaking research at the University of Michigan by Professor Dr. Anish Tuteja, Psycheceutical’s Chief Science Officer. Janus particles can target specific cells and deliver multiple medicines at the same time or in time-release; this innovation makes microdosing of psychedelics reliable and safe.

Breaking the Blood-Brain Barrier

Direct Delivery to Targeted Cells

  • Extremely small size (less than 100nm diameter)
  • Combination of multiple actives delivered in one particle
  • Easily metabolized and utilized by the body’s cells after delivery of actives
  • Compounds are delivered intact to target cells for highest efficacy, reducing toxicity or side effects
  • Multi-layered particles enable immediate and sustained relief
  • Overcomes limitations often faced in psychedelic drug development
Janus particles are small enough to pass through junctions into the brain.

Patented Janus Particles Manufacturing

For the first time ever, Janus particles can now deliver psychedelics and other complementary compounds at scale, in nearly any required size or shape, in a cost-effective and consistent manner.

Unlimited Sizes

Particles can be made in virtually any size required and will be uniform across an unlimited number of samples.

Targeted Shapes

Psycheceutical, Inc. will research the optimal shape and size for each use case. For example, triangular-shaped particles have shown higher absorption by ovarian cancer cells.

Layered Particles

This breakthrough technology allows particles to be layered on top of each other and then released at specific intervals. This innovation makes microdosing of psychedelics reliable and safe.

Psycheceutical™ Janus Particles Key Features

  • Issued and pending patents provide worldwide exclusivity for manufacturing and sale of products.
  • Uniform ultra-small nanoparticle structure is able to avoid the body’s immune system.
  • High loading of active compounds provides low loss of non-sequestered actives and improved manufacturing efficiencies.
  • Process allows for the efficient production of a high variety of particles with the easy ability to tune for size, shape, and composition.
  • Excellent product stability provides long shelf life in a wide range of temperature storage conditions.
  • Multi-layered particles enable delivery of multiple actives from a single dose, at the same time or in time-release.
  • Ability to deliver compounds across the blood-brain barrier provides a new method for direct delivery of actives directly into the brain.
  • Ability to adapt to oral, mucosal, topical, and parenteral administration provides flexibility in choice of finished dosage formulations.

NeuroDirect™ Non-Systemic Novel Delivery Solution

Psycheceutical’s patented NeuroDirect™ delivery technology delivers neuro-active compounds directly into the nerve tissue via topical application at the back of the neck. This delivery system enables immediate and sustained delivery, safe dosage control, and consistent desired results, while avoiding the GI tract and any unwanted side effects and toxicity.

Psycheceutical’s ability to avoid the systemic side effects of psychedelic compounds, such as hallucinations, nausea, and toxicity, will open a whole new world to neuro-therapeutics.

How Our NeuroDirect™ Delivery Works

Non-Systemic Novel Delivery Solution

  • Topical compound is applied at the back of the neck at the hairline
  • Penetrates peripheral nerve endings
  • Nerve endings travel along the spinal cord
  • Provides a direct avenue to neural tissue within the brain
  • Bypasses the blood-brain barrier
  • Facilitates quick response time while avoiding unwanted side effects
Skin surface located at the back of the neck
Free nerve endings
To spinal cord & brain

NeuroDirect™ Patented Delivery Technology Key Features

  • The NeuroDirect™ delivery technology introduces neuro-affective agents directly into nerve tissue, resulting in much lower dosing and excreted components.
  • Following nerve pathways to the target tissue allows for smaller doses, improved efficacy of the active compound, and immediate action in minutes.
  • The NeuroDirect™ delivery has shown to produce symptom reduction in as little as 10-15 minutes.
  • The NeuroDirect™ lower dosage delivery has shown symptom reduction without significant adverse reactions.
  • This patented topical administration of psychedelic compounds eliminates their hallucinogenic effects, allowing for wider medical adoption and use.
  • The NeuroDirect™ targeted delivery limits undesired non-targeted distribution throughout the body, vastly reducing exposure to drug toxicities and side effects.