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Our Technology

Next-Gen Delivery Technologies for Precision Psychedelic & Pharmaceutical Dosing

An Introduction to Psycheceutical™ Delivery Technology

What is a Psycheceutical™ Drug Delivery System?

Our technology is intended to deliver compounds across the blood-brain-barrier while bypassing the GI tract and liver, eliminating hallucinogenic effects and vastly reducing exposure to drug toxicities and side effects.

This long-awaited precision dosing technology is designed to allow for high bioavailability of compounds to target cells, increased cellular uptake, and immediate and sustained symptom relief.

Next-Generation Delivery Technologies

Psycheceutical in-licenses two patents for distinct next-generation drug delivery technologies

NeuroDirect™ Topical Delivery System for Targeted Neural Tissue Dosing

Systemic Delivery Solution With Janus Particles


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