Our Vision

Using state-of-the-art delivery technologies to provide safe and effective psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines.

Zappy on the Emerging Psychedelics Industry

The Psychedelic Mental Health Revolution Has Begun.

As science continues to produce remarkable research, society is embracing the use of psychedelics in mental health applications as seen through the unprecedented positive shifts in public opinion of psychedelics.

The Problem:

Unsafe Dosing Methods Prevent the Widespread Use of Lifesaving Psychedelics

For years, scientists have known psychedelics like ketamine and psilocybin have powerful potential for lifesaving mental health treatment. The therapeutic use of psychedelics for depression, PTSD, and more is driving a growing industry, with billions of dollars poured into psychedelic R&D.

However, significant medical & technological limitations have kept these medications from being safe, effective, and widely accessible.

Current Psychedelic Compounds Are Too Imprecise for Safe and Effective Uses

  • Delayed onset can sometimes take hours.

  • Doses high enough to be effective also cause adverse reactions like hallucinations and vomiting.

  • Current psychedelic compounds can’t be targeted to the desired treatment area.

Our Solution:

State-of-the-Art Delivery Technologies for Safe Psychedelic Dosing

Psychedelics are the next major breakthrough in mental health treatment, but healthcare providers need safer, more controlled ways to treat patients with psychedelics.

Psycheceutical, Inc. is removing barriers to care by employing two next-generation patented delivery technologies, via systemic and non-systemic routes of administration, to increase the safety and efficacy of psychedelic compounds.

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